Animation Supplement - "The Prank Fother" animation series by Whitelephant Productions in association with Fever 104FM


Discovery Kids brings "Doki" in India


Discovery Kids brings popular animated series "Doki" in india. "Doki" will premiere on September 1st to cater to young inquisitive minds in its own unique way.

Kahaani Masters gets 10,000 entries


Disney Channel India is coming up with an initiative 'Kahani Masters',



GusGus’s anthemic dance track

Design studio karlssonwilker recently created a spellbinding animated music video for “Mexico,” the title track from GusGus’s ninth studio album via Kompakt Records.

Realtime Facial Tracking and Animation

A video from SIGGRAPH 2014 presents a fully automatic approach to realtime facial tracking and animation


Business News

Prime Focus World Partner on 'Sin City'

Prime Focus World (PFW), the global visual entertainment services company, has collaborated with Troublemaker Studios and Aldamisa Entertainment on Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.


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"Whitelephant Productions in association with Fever 104FM Presents "The Prank Fother" popularly known as D Company par Supari. Danish Sait is a hired Prankster,on Don Darius's popular evening Drive show - "D Company". The Prank Fother (stereotype forFather, as pron. by a South Indian) is a 2-3min animation series in the voice of the famed RJ/ Comedian/ Improv and Impersonation Artist from Bengaluru, Danish Sait.

The series is based on prank calls made to random strangers by Danish Sait posing as a new character in every new call , -police officer, a call centre executive, a restaurant manager, a musician, a responsible citizen, a travel agent, prospective groom or any such seemingly unassuming everyday Indian names like Asgarh, Chacko, Nagraj, while pulling a very convincing, LYAO scenario each time. 

This series is targeted at everyone who enjoy's a good laugh over every day situations, while ensuring the viewer is generously tickled. The viewer, in spite of knowing all the while that he is watching a prank in action, will be taken by surprise each time by the sheer off-guardedness of Danish's situational humor.

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Technology Updates

Faceware Releases Faceware Live 2.0

Faceware Technologies, a provider of markerless 3D facial motion capture solutions, has upgraded and released Version 2.0 of its real-time facial mocap and animation product, Faceware Live. Read More...

Side Effects Releases Houdini Engine for Autodesk Maya

This plug-in provides animation and game studios with deep integration of Houdini’s procedural technology into Maya scenes Read More... 

The Foundry unveiled COLORWAY

COLORWAY accelerates the creative design process, giving users access to a simple environment where they can develop looks of 3D objects and scenes and then share a selection of iterations with clients. Read More..


Epic Games has become a main sponsor of the Blender Development Fund, donating €10,000 (around $13,500) to improve Blender’s FBX export capabilities Read More...



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