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After years of waiting, the first trailer for Pixar’s The Incredibles 2, the sequel to one of the best superhero movies ever made, has arrived.

The short, called In a Heartbeat, is a simple yet enduring story, a heartwarming fable of young love and all the irrepressible butterflies that come with it.

Framestore shows its cross-platform capabilities yet again, bringing Marvel character Hulk to life on both film and commercial platforms.

At SIGGRAPH 2017, NVIDIA is showcasing research that makes it far easier to animate realistic human faces, simulate how light interacts with surfaces in a scene and render realistic images more quickly.

Moving Pictures brings to us the VFX breakdown behind the process of replicating Rachael for Blade Runner 2049. The team lead by VFX Supervisor Richard Clegg worked closely with Director Denis Villeneuve and Production VFX Supervisor John Nelson.

MPC’s VFX team lead by VFX Supervisor Ferran Domenech worked alongside Director Ridley Scott and Production VFX Supervisor Charley Henley to create more than 700 stunning shots for the Alien: Covenant. As lead studio, MPC’s work included the creation of the movies terrifying creatures, alien environments, vehicles and complex FX simulation work.

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Gems Introduces Justice League through their Latest Raho Umarless Campaign


Similar to all friendships, delicate on the outside, but strong on the inside, Gems ties up with Ogilvy and Eeksaurus to explore the dream of collecting the new and exclusive range of Justice League superhero collectibles!

The plot, set in a wonderland of Gems makes fantasies come alive by introducing seas, mountains and an all you can eat Gems buffet! But the fun does not end here! Keep an eye over your shoulder as a whole new range of Justice League collectiblesare up for grabs!

Neville Shah, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai said, “Working on this film was special. It involved a simple story but a complicated shoot plan. In a complicated shoot plan, it is always a challenge to stay focused on the story. Having said that, the final outcome of this film is beautiful, making it appear absolutely effortless, keeping the simplicity of the story intact.Credit goes to Suresh and the Ogilvy team -  Ashish Naik,  Vipul Indulkar, Nikhil George and the others in Ogilvy and Cadbury who contributed."

Commenting on the execution of the campaign, Mr. Suresh Eriyat (Founder & Creative Director – Eeksaurus)says, “It was a pleasure working with the entire time of Gems the second time round, the last being during IPL 2013.While the main protagonists are already a hit among the consumers, the task at hand was also to ensure that the product looks exciting and not just a part of the background. We are able to blend the Gems in perfectly through the whole dream sequence and make it not only visually appealing but also fit in well with the aesthetics by adding an authentic Indian touch through the use of the boatmen.”

Eeksaurus aims to grow further in constantly challenging itself to create such visual campaigns that not only help to create a better connect with the audience, but also give brands the creative edge that they seek.Brand: Cadbury Gems

Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

NCD: Abhijit Avasthi

Creative Directors: Neville Shah & Ashish Naik

Creative Team: Nikhil George & Vipul Indulkar

Account Management: Sonali Sehgal, Beenu Kurup, Malika Raina & Sagar Gupta

Production House: Eeksaurus

Director: Suresh Eriyat

Producer: Nilima Eriyat

Director of Photography: Kartik Vijay