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Discovery Communications India today said it has roped in Anil-Ambani-led Reliance group firm, Reliance Animation to produce a new animation series, Little Singham.

Assemblage Entertainment, the feature-film focused CGI animation studio has begun production on the sequel of 2016 theatrical feature film Norm of the North, along with Splash Entertainment, Lionsgate and Dream Factory.

Framestore shows its cross-platform capabilities yet again, bringing Marvel character Hulk to life on both film and commercial platforms.

At SIGGRAPH 2017, NVIDIA is showcasing research that makes it far easier to animate realistic human faces, simulate how light interacts with surfaces in a scene and render realistic images more quickly.

Moving Pictures brings to us the VFX breakdown behind the process of replicating Rachael for Blade Runner 2049. The team lead by VFX Supervisor Richard Clegg worked closely with Director Denis Villeneuve and Production VFX Supervisor John Nelson.

MPC’s VFX team lead by VFX Supervisor Ferran Domenech worked alongside Director Ridley Scott and Production VFX Supervisor Charley Henley to create more than 700 stunning shots for the Alien: Covenant. As lead studio, MPC’s work included the creation of the movies terrifying creatures, alien environments, vehicles and complex FX simulation work.

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Animation Empowering Children to Make Right Choice in Life


These stop- motion animation films made by children with only visuals communicate and convey a strong message to the audience without the use of a single word.  Students of Grade VII (approx 12-13 years) were involved in the script to screen process. Right from the stories, storyboards, layouts, backgrounds, characters, props to the final animation.

Salaam Bombay Foundation is an organisation who works for children welfare, conduct workshops for children since long time. As per their experience, Over 5 lakh (500,000) Mumbai children get an education at the local municipal or government-aided school (Dept. of Education, MCGM 2008). Most of them live in Mumbai’s crowded, infrastructure-challenged slums. 36% are malnourished.

More over absolute poverty, fluctuating income of parents, multiple responsibilities and low quality of education contribute to a highly pressured childhood and negatively impact their ability to contribute to productive human capital building.

These conditions also leave them particularly vulnerable and susceptible to substance abuse, in particular tobacco. Every day, more than 5,500 children in India below the age of 10 are estimated to try tobacco for the first time. Over 10 million (10,000,000) Indian children are estimated to be users of tobacco.

There is an urgent need to develop an engaging and innovative curriculum supporting the holistic development of the child in order to empower him/her to take better decisions for health and education.

Now days, audio-visual media is the most powerful, and yet the cheapest mass medium to reach millions quickly, Salam Bombay Foundation approached Toon Club (Imparting Animation Education for Children) with proposal of creating animation films and that’s too by children only.

Tehzeeb Khurana, Creative Director (Toon Club and Climb Media) said “After seeing our recent films created with students of Ecole Mondiale World School (‘For the Love of a Cat’ & ‘Children of the World’) they approached us with a proposal. They first educated students of Ecole Mondiale World School about the ill-effects of Tobacco & Smoking. We then invited stories from Grade VII students based on their interaction with Salaam Bombay Foundation. The children were trained by Toon Club to convert these stories into a visual format. Children collaborated in creating storyboards, characters, backgrounds, props etc and finally animated the films using the stop-motion technique."

Talking about challenges of handling projects by children, she added “As mentioned above students of Grade VII (approx 12-13 years) were involved in the script to screen process. Right from the stories, storyboards, layouts, backgrounds, characters, props to the final animation was done by the children. The films (script to screen) were created in a short span of approx 15 sessions (Each session = 80 mins). This was a major challenge. Maximum time was spent is developing the storylines, as that is the foundation of any film. The last stage when we got shooting was also a tricky phase. To complete shooting a stop-motion scene within the stipulated 80 min sessions was like a herculean task. If the shot remained incomplete, it meant re-shooting the entire thing again in the next session (which came a week later).”

These films are full of childhood emotions, and you can actually feel magic of little animators, they really deserve a round of applauds. Let’s watch these films to appreciate these little animators and do not forget to share. 

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