Finest Digital Art in the known universe- EXPOSE 10

 An artist inspiring artwork collection book known to the universe EXPOSE 10 by Ballistic Publication is available now.  

Expose 10 is having design and artwork beyond imagination- very much astonishing and a great reference source for going on trend in the industry.  EXPOSE 10 is a rare combination book having artwork from all segments of CG Industry. 


The tenth EXPOSÉ continues an annual tradition of showcasing the finest, and most inspirational 2D and 3D art in the World. It all started with a small handful of passionate digital art enthusiasts slaving away in a hot shed to produce the first EXPOSÉ title. It was their goal to celebrate the world of computer graphics like never before. Each piece of art was hand picked and reproduced so that it would maintain its vibrancy from the screen to the page.

 EXPOSÉ 10 is the largest EXPOSÉ to date with 288 pages, and features a record-smashing 548 images by 380 artists. EXPOSÉ 10 draws artists from every continent on Earth (except Antarctica), making it the most diverse collection of styles and cultural influences, and a true depiction of the worldwide digital art community. 

          Finest Artworks from Digital Art in the known universe- EXPOSE 10


Beautiful designs are almost beyond reality. The concept art, Architecture, Fantasy, environment and matte painting pieces are very much stunning. There is lots of detail to marvel at. 

Finest Artworks from Digital Art in the known universe- EXPOSE 10        

What are most impressive are of course the imaginative minds of the artists. The ideas, design and execution are wonderful. 

Celebrating ten years of EXPOSE, Ballistic has also, for the first time, included a commemorative Honor Roll that lists all of the artists that have been featured in all EXPOSÉ books from one through to ten. EXPOSÉ 10 - there is nothing else quite like it.

           Finest Artworks from Digital Art in the known universe- EXPOSE 10

            Finest Artworks from Digital Art in the known universe- EXPOSE 10     

             Finest Artworks from Digital Art in the known universe- EXPOSE 10                      

EXPOSÉ 10 showcases the world’s best digital art in 20 categories, including:  

  • Portrait (Painted) 
  • Portrait (Rendered) 
  • Portrait (Illustration) 
  • Architecture (Exterior) 
  • Architecture (Interior) 
  • Fantasy 
  • Warriors & Conflict 
  • Science Fiction 
  • Robotic/Cyborg 
  • Comic/Manga 
  • Fantasy Femmes 
  • Concept Art 
  • Matte Painting 
  • Environment 
  • Abstract & Design 
  • Surreal 
  • Storytelling 
  • Whimsical 
  • Transport 
  • Steampunk 

EXPOSÉ 10 entries were judged into Master and Excellence classes by a judging panel of renowned artists including: Syd Mead (‘Blade Runner’, ‘Tron’, ‘Aliens’, and ‘2010’), Chris Perna (Epic Games Art Director), Stephan Martiniere (concept artist from id Software), Chris Sloan (award-winning Art Director from National Geographic), and Alex Morris (architectural visualization guru). Jim Burns is the grand master together with 20 Master Award winners. 

EXPOSE 10 also includes Making and Walkthrough video of  Lu Hua's Monkey King- wining artwork at Fantacy Category.

                 Finest Artworks from Digital Art in the known universe- EXPOSE 10

Publication Details: ISBN #:

Limited Edition: 978-1-921828-20-1
Hard cover Edition: 978-1-921828-19-5
Soft cover: 978-1-921828-18-8
Pages: 288 (LE/HC/SC)
Managing editor: Ronnie Gramazio

EXPOSE 10 is available in Limited Edition -$170 USD, Hard Cover Edition: $79 USD and Soft Cover Edition :$69 USD.

For more Details and Buying Book follow Link: http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/books/expose/expose_10/ 

"EXPOSE 10 is an Art Bible for Artists, Organisations, Educational Institutes and Students and is highly recommended book for All." -Animation supplement      

                          All Images are Copyright of BALLISTIC Publication and Displayed here for Sharing Information Purpose only.                   

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