Now Reach Customer Care of 200+ Indian Companies from One Single Smartphone App, ChaBu


The users can call, email, self-service and chat with many businesses from single app, the ultimate goal being to create ‘chat on phone’ as a preferred medium of live interactions.

‘With an increase in adaptability of smartphones and people’s increasing preference of using chat or instant messaging as a communication channel, we wanted to create a unique chat messenger which people can use to connect with many companies through one single application, chat being the primary mode. Imagine it like a WhatsApp but instead of friends, customers chat with their banks, credit card companies, airlines, Radio cab etc all in one place, and through their phones’ said Ajay, Founder of Chabu Technology Ventures.

ChaBu in its current version enables customer to directly call, compose email and self-service more than 200 Indian companies in one place including Airlines, Banks, DTH, Electronics, Healthcare, Holidays, Insurance, e-commerce, Radio cab, Restaurants etc. without need to search for toll free numbers, customer care emails addresses, quick links etc and in near future they can simply chat with their businesses.

The application is currently available on iOs App Store and Android Playstore for free. The chat function will only be operational in a few months, as the company currently is in process of onboarding businesses with which customers will be able to chat for their regular customer care needs. ‘We have received great response from some of the top companies in India who wish to explore this channel to connect with their customers; these include top Travel management companies, Radio cabs, DTH service providers and e-commerce companies’ said Manoj Abraham, VP, Business Development.

‘Web chat is already leveraged by many companies globally for servicing customers online, however chat on mobile with businesses has not been particularly capitalized in spite of the fact that chat is a flexible, more efficient and very economical channel both for customer and businesses. Enabling this capability on mobile phone can be a game changer in the way businesses and customers interact’ said Ajay.

On being asked what value ChaBu wants to create for customer and businesses, Ajay said ‘With my long experience in customer service industry, I have constantly observed that customers are looking for simple and flexible channel to connect with their businesses. They don’t like to navigate complex IVRs or being put on hold, particularly when their queries are simple, for e.g. what the status of my request, what terminal my flight departs from, Can you schedule a pick up for my return, I want to cancel my cab booking etc. On the other hand when customers make a call to businesses for such simple queries, it’s a cost for customer service operations which can easily be reduced but only if a channel like chat is avaible for customer to connect and that too on their phone’.

A product like this has a global market; however ChaBu is currently focusing on India as a market. ‘Of course the market for such a product is more attractive in countries like US and UK, but we first aim to refine the model in India before expanding globally. In 2015 we wish to focus on Indian market with our pilot sponsors, develop the product further and get the grounds ready for global launch of ChaBu’ said Abraham.

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